Pirate Ship knows which services and destination countries require multi-page customs forms, and will generate whichever forms you need automatically.

You may also get multiple pages if you've added a lot of line items to your customs form. In that case, you can just attach both labels to the outside of the box.

Most international shipments will only require a single label

Most shipments, such as those sent with First Class Package International or Simple Export Rate, only require a single integrated customs form, so there will only be one label for the entire shipment.

When a shipment requires more than one label, it's created automatically

Some international services or countries do require multi-page customs forms, and in those cases besides the shipping label you may also get a "Customs Declaration" or a "Dispatch Note."

When there's more than one, you'll want to print and attach every label Pirate Ship gives you to the outside of the package.

Use the free sleeves you can get from USPS!

It's best practice to use the free Customs Form Envelopes you can order from USPS here, and put the labels into it in the order that they are printed, so that the shipping label is the first one that's visible, and the "Customs Declaration" and "Dispatch Note" are behind it.

...or put the extra customs forms in a regular envelope

If you don't have one of those clear plastic sleeves, just attach the shipping label to the package, and put the other labels into a regular envelope that says "CUSTOMS" on it, and tape it the outside of the package.

If you get stuck anywhere just chat with us, we're happy to help 😃

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