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Shopify Integration: Can I import orders that are set to a different fulfillment service?
Shopify Integration: Can I import orders that are set to a different fulfillment service?

Learn how Pirate Ship handles Shopify orders with products set to a different fulfillment service and how to change this in Shopify

Updated over a week ago

In your product settings in Shopify, you can set your "Fulfillment Service" to third-party fulfillment options (for example, Amazon).

How to update or change the fulfillment service for a product in Shopify

  • Fulfillment Service Default Setting: The default setting for Fulfillment Service in Shopify is "Manual," and Pirate Ship will only import orders where every product is set to the "Manual" fulfillment service.

    • Here's how that looks in Shopify:

A screenshot showing the product settings in Shopify. Towards the bottom there is a section titled 'Fulfillment Service,' and in the drop down menu below, the option for 'Manual' is selected. There is an arrow pointing at this with a notation that reads, 'In Shopify's Product Settings, the Fulfillment Service must be set to Manual.'

  • Changing the Fulfillment Service for a Specific Product: If you'd like to change the fulfillment service setting for a specific product in Shopify, here are some more instructions you can follow:

    • 1. Go to All Products

    • 2. Click the product you want to update

    • 3. Scroll down to Inventory

    • 4. Change the Inventory Managed By field by clicking the dropdown menu and selecting Shopify

  • Now all your Shopify orders containing that product should be visible in Pirate Ship's import grid 🎉

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