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Shopify Integration: Multiple Fulfillment Locations
Shopify Integration: Multiple Fulfillment Locations

Learn how Pirate Ship works with Shopify's multiple fulfillment location feature

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Importing Shopify orders from multiple Fulfillment Locations

  • Set Up Multiple Fulfillment Locations: Shopify allows you to set up multiple Fulfillment Locations and keeps track of separate inventory counts in each location. You can configure this in Shopify's Settings / Locations.

    • Important: This is not to be confused with your Ship From addresses in Pirate Ship. You can edit or add as many Ship From Addresses as you want in Pirate Ship's Settings / Ship From Addresses 😉

You can configure which Fulfillment Locations to import

  • Pirate Ship Imports from All Locations: By default, Pirate Ship imports orders from all Fulfillment Locations and automatically splits them so the location fulfillments match what you see in the order in your Shopify dashboard.

    • Duplicate Order IDs: This means you'll see the same Order ID multiple times in the Import grid, depending on how many fulfillments there are for that order.

  • Importing from Specific Locations: If you only want Pirate Ship to import from specific locations, you can configure this in Pirate Ship's Settings > Integrations.

    • Here's how that looks:

  • Filter the "Shopify Location" Column: In Pirate Ship's Import grid, you'll see a column for "Shopify Location," which you can use to filter and sort:

We automatically split orders that contain products from multiple fulfillment locations in your Import grid

  • Split Orders from Multiple Fulfillment Locations: As shown in the screenshot above, orders that contain products across multiple locations are split to separate the fulfillments into each location, so each of your locations can fulfill their part of the order separately.

    • This separation should exactly match what you see in the order's details in your Shopify dashboard. Each separation will get the same Order ID, as they're all just location-based fulfillments for that order.

  • Orders from Multiple Locations Get Marked as Partially Fulfilled: Once you purchase a label for one of these fulfillments, the order will be marked as "Partially fulfilled" in Shopify, the carrier and tracking number will be attached to that fulfillment, and the location's inventory will be adjusted accordingly:

  • Order Items from Remaining Fulfillment Locations: When an order has been partially fulfilled, only the remaining location fulfillments will be shown in Pirate Ship:

  • Buying Labels for All Locations Marks the Order as Fulfilled: Once you buy labels for all the items coming from different fulfillment locations in an order, the order will be marked as Fulfilled in Shopify.

Get in touch with ARRrrr Support Crew if we can help!

We hope this makes your multiple-location fulfillment easy! If you run into any trouble or have any suggestions, just hit the chat button on the bottom right and let us know 👍

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