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Shopify Integration: Can I import any order status?
Shopify Integration: Can I import any order status?

Pirate Ship only imports Shopify orders with certain order statuses. Here's what we can bring in from your Shopify store

Updated over a week ago

Shopify has three order statuses to note whether an order has shipped yet:

  • Unfulfilled

  • Fulfilled

  • Partially fulfilled

Pirate Ship will only import Unfulfilled orders. If you want to import an order that is currently marked as Fulfilled or Partially fulfilled in Shopify, you'll need to manually change the order back to Unfulfilled in Shopify's dashboard and then refresh Pirate Ship's import page:

A screenshot showing the order status that appears on Shopify for an individual order. For this particular order, it shows a status of 'Paid' and 'Unfulfilled.' Below, there's a notation which reads, 'Orders must be Unfulfilled, and have a Financial Status you've set Pirate Ship to import.'

Note: When you buy a label for a Shopify order with Pirate Ship, the order is automatically marked as Fulfilled in Shopify. To avoid accidental duplicate shipping, you will need to request a refund for the label in Pirate Ship before Pirate Ship will display it again, even if you manually mark the order as Unfulfilled in Shopify.

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