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How does Pirate Ship make money?
How does Pirate Ship make money?

What's our business model? What's the catch? Is this too good to be true? Here's why you shouldn't worry: USPS® and UPS® have got our back!

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  • No Markups or Hidden Fees: Other shipping software charges monthly fees and adds markup on top of what the postage actually costs... so we understand why you're skeptical that we're truly doing this for free. How can Pirate Ship possibly stay in business when it's 100% free while offering the deepest USPS® and UPS® discounts available?

  • Partnerships ARRrrr How We Make Money: The reality is we make our money just like any other shipping software company: through our official partnerships with USPS® and UPS®.

    • The big difference between us and our competitors is that we've used modern ideas to build a lean business that can operate with our partnership income alone, so we don’t have to charge our customers nickels and dimes on top like everyone else.

  • Every Cent Matters: The pricing difference between Pirate Ship's 100% free model and our competitors adds up quickly. When you're a growing eCommerce business, the monthly fees and hidden costs that other software companies charge can really impact your bottom line.

The founders of Pirate Ship are eCommerce sellers like you

  • We've Get eCommerce Businesses: We started Pirate Ship because of how expensive and frustrating shipping was for our own eCommerce startups.

    • Since our entire team has firsthand experience running small eCommerce businesses, we see the shipping software market from a completely different perspective than our competitors, who are either giant public companies ( is a publicly traded company that owns Endicia, ShipStation, ShippingEasy, and ShipWorks) or are software companies that are designed by people who've never run a small business in their life.

  • Small Businesses Deserve the Best Rates: We believe small businesses are the backbone of the American economy, and we think they deserve the cheapest shipping rates possible so they can compete in a market that's increasingly dominated by giants like Amazon or Walmart.

  • A League of ARRrrr Own: Pirate Ship is the only shipping software that has built a business model on leveling the playing field for small businesses. We could be making more money by playing the game like everyone else, but we have a long-term perspective. If you're able to save more money on shipping, you'll reinvest the savings into growing your business, which means you'll have to buy more shipping. We're sacrificing short-term profit for long-term success, both for you and us.

  • Spread the Pirate Word: Of course, by not inflating prices to get the huge profit margins our competitors operate with, we're not able to spend money on advertising, so we rely on our customer's happiness and willingness to recommend us to their friends. We hope you appreciate what we're doing and will share us, too 😉

Let ARRrrr crew know if you have any questions!

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