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How does the Squarespace integration work?
How does the Squarespace integration work?

Learn how to use Pirate Ship with Squarespace

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It's easy to buy postage & ship your Squarespace orders with Pirate Ship.

Note: You need the Advanced Commerce plan to connect Squarespace to Pirate Ship.

When you use Pirate Ship's Squarespace integration to buy shipping labels, the order is automatically marked as Shipped in Squarespace.

Heres how to connect your Squarespace store to Pirate Ship:

  1. In Pirate Ship just go to Settings > Integrations > Connect New Source > Squarespace

  2. Login to your Squarespace Dashboard, Settings > Advanced > Developer API Keys and then click Generate Key. If you don't see the "Advanced" option, please check to ensure you have the necessary Advanced Commerce plan from Squarespace.

  3. Give your key a nickname, if you think this will help you keep track of it.

  4. Under Permissions select Orders—note that Pirate Ship can only send tracking numbers back to Squarespace if you select Read and Write.

Once your Squarespace store is connected, when you go to the Ship page in Pirate Ship and click Import from Squarespace (or Import from Integrations if you have mutliple platforms connected) you'll see every unshipped order that's currently in your Squarespace store.

You can click any of the column headers to filter or sort the data, and you can customize which columns of data you'd like to see.

Pirate Ship doesn't display live rates to your customers

Keep in mind that Pirate Ship never displays live rates to your customers. What you charge for shipping is up to you 😉 Check out this article for some tips on what to charge for shipping.

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