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How does the Chargify integration work?
How does the Chargify integration work?

Learn about Pirate Ship's Chargify integration and how to connect your store to buy labels for your orders

Updated over a week ago
  • Ship from Chargify through Pirate Ship: If you run a physical subscription or a subscription box business, shipping from Chargify just got a whole lot easy-ARRrrr!

  • Save Time and Plunder: Pirate Ship automates the previously painful & manual process of buying shipping labels. Not only does the integration save you a ton of time, but it will also save you a ton of booty through the deepest USPS® discounts available, as well as pre-negotiated UPS® rates!

Watch this video to see a similar shipping integration in action (Chargify video coming soon):

Connecting Chargify to your Pirate Ship account

  1. To import subscriptions from Chargify, generate a new API v1 Key in the "Integrations" tab of your Chargify site.

  2. Next, from your Pirate Ship account, navigate to Settings > Integrations > Connect New Source > Chargify then enter your API Key and Chargify Subdomain. Finally, click Save Connection.

Import and buy shipping labels for your subscription fast-ARRrrr:

  • Import Subscriptions & Buy Labels at Deep Discounts: With Pirate Ship’s comprehensive Chargify integration, you can import your subscriptions, quickly organize them into custom shipping groups, and buy batches of shipping labels at cutthroat rates.

    • If you’re currently exporting and importing spreadsheets or manually copying/pasting addresses into your shipping software, this integration will dramatically simplify your shipping process and save you hours.

  • Filter and Sort: You can filter subscriptions you import into Pirate Ship any way you need, including subscription status, product name, coupon code used, current period, last shipped date, and any custom fields you’ve added to your Chargify site.

More features that make shipping Chargify subscriptions easy-ARRrrr:

Pirate Ship also has a few extra tricks under its eye-patch that’ll help Chargify subscription owners save time, including: 

  • Mapping Custom Fields: Our software lets you map custom fields in your Import grid (for example, you could map a gift recipient’s email address, so that the recipient receives shipment notification emails instead of the purchaser):

A screenshot showing where you can map data coming from the Chargify integration in the Chargify Integration Settings.

  • Rubber Stamps: You can add data like your Product/Plan Name on the Rubber Stamps section of your shipping labels, so you can double-check that each label is going on the right box: 

A screenshot showing where you can map data coming from the Chargify integration to the rubber stamps.

  • Prevent Duplicate Shipping: This feature is as simple as clicking a checkbox and gives you the ability to prevent accidentally shipping the same subscription twice:

A screenshot showing the option to 'Prevent Accidental Duplicate Shipping.' There's a drop down menu below this with additional options for this feature.

  • Automatically Sync Renewal Dates: You can sync Chargify renewal/billing dates after you ship, so you never have to manually change renewal dates again:

A screenshot showing the option to 'Sync Chargify Billing Date after Shipping.' Below, there's a drop down menu with additional options for this feature.

  • Automatic Address Validation: Pirate Ship also automatically validates addresses and lets you process both domestic and international shipments in one batch. Even if you have thousands of subscribers, multiple subscription products, and multiple variations, Pirate Ship can turn buying and printing shipping labels into a quick and fun experience 💪

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