In this video, we’re going to show you how to print a Pirate Ship shipping label using a Rollo printer using Windows 10 & Chrome. We will:

  1. Click Download the Rollo driver
  2. Install the Rollo driver
  3. Add the Rollo to your Printers & Scanners System Preferences
  4. And printing your Pirate Ship shipping label

Read below the video to continue and for other information like printing test labels, calibrating your Rollo, and using other browsers such as Firefox and Edge/Explorer.

Download and Install the Rollo Printer Driver

  1. Download the Rollo driver from here, if you have not already done so. The driver software titled "Rollo-Windows-Latest" will download.

2. Extract the files.

3. Follow the Installer steps

4. Plug your Rollo printer into a power source and connect to your computer via USB,


Add the printer to your Devices and Printers Control Panel

1. Go to the View Devices and Printers section of your computer's Control Panel. Check out this article on the Microsoft help site if you have trouble locating your Control Panel.

2. Click Add a Printer and select your Rollo printer from the list of connected printers that appears.


Configure the printer settings

1. Go to Control Panel > Devices and Printers. The Rollo should show up in the Devices & Printers section.

2. Right-click it and choose Printing Preferences.

TIP: If the printer shows up as USB Printing Support under Unspecified, and the driver won't install, try restarting your computer to make it show up as Rollo Printer.

3. Click Advanced... on the lower right-hand side of the Printing Preferences pop-up page.


4. Select 100mm x 150mm on the Paper Size section.

5. Click OK and your labels are ready to go!

And lastly, click here for: 

Print your Pirate Ship 4x6 shipping label (Windows 10)

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