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Can I use characters other than standard Latin characters on my labels?
Can I use characters other than standard Latin characters on my labels?

Learn about the specific character restrictions you'll face when entering recipient names & addresses on Pirate Ship

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  • UPS Doesn't Support Non-Latin Characters: Sometimes, recipient names and addresses can feature characters outside the standard English alphabet. This may cause issues when creating some labels on Pirate Ship since UPS doesn't support double-byte (Unicode, UTF 8) characters, while USPS does.

    • Basically, this means that you can only enter and submit Latin/Roman characters whenever you enter your recipient info for UPS labels on Pirate Ship.

  • International Labels: This situation can occur when making domestic and international labels, but we see it happen more often with international labels.

What are examples of non-Latin/non-Roman characters?

  • Non-Latin or Non-Roman Characters: Examples of non-Latin/non-Roman characters include traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Russian, and more.

    • Use Latin & Roman Characters for UPS Labels: UPS does not support these non-Latin/non-Roman characters, and they must be translated into Latin characters within the standard English alphabet to create your UPS label properly πŸ™ˆ

  • Contact Your Recipient to Clarify Address Info: If your recipient provides you with their name and address information that falls outside of the standard English alphabet, the best practice is to contact them before you create your label and ask if they can provide you with their name and address written in standard English lettering πŸ‘

What happens if I use non-Latin/non-Roman characters on my label?

  • Label Errors: If you enter characters outside the standard English alphabet when creating UPS labels, you may see question marks on your labels, run into a label error, or have your packages returned due to carriers being unable to understand the address and properly deliver it πŸ˜…

Can I use these characters for USPS labels?

  • USPS Requires Latin/Roman Characters for All Labels: USPS does technically support the use of non-Latin/non-Roman characters for its labels. However, the International Mail Manual on the Postal Service's website states that shippers are required to use standard Latin/Roman characters when entering their recipient info.

    • Therefore, best practice is to use Latin/Roman characters for all labels you make on Pirate Ship πŸ˜‰

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