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USPS Temporary Rate Increase for the 2022 Holiday Season
USPS Temporary Rate Increase for the 2022 Holiday Season
The Postal Service is increasing domestic shipping rates from October 2nd to January 22nd.
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Starting October 2nd, USPS is temporarily increasing the rates for the 2022 peak holiday season. You can read the official announcement here.

Most Priority Mail rates will not get holiday increases on Pirate Ship

Fortunately, most Priority Mail rates will NOT be affected by this increase on Pirate Ship, so there will be no holiday increase for any shipments in the lower 48 states where you're currently getting BELOW Commercial Pricing rates 👍

By using Pirate Ship, the holiday increase will not apply to:

  • All Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelopes & Boxes (except ones traveling to/from AK, HI, PR, Military addresses, and US Territories)

  • Most Priority Mail Regional Rate Boxes up to Zone 6

  • Most Priority Mail Cubic & Weight-Based shipments up to Zone 6, 10 lb

October 2nd—January 22nd 2023 USPS temporary rate increase

The holiday rate increases for all other shipments will vary depending on the service, weight, and zone, and are listed below:

First Class Package Service & Parcel Select Ground

Priority Mail (ONLY for some shipments in the lower 48 states, and for ALL shipments to/from AK, HI, PR, and Military addresses) & Priority Mail Express

Situations where the holiday increase may apply

While the temporary holiday increase does not apply to Priority Mail shipments in the lower 48 states where you currently get BELOW Commercial Pricing rates, it will apply to ALL Priority Mail shipments traveling to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Military addresses, and other US Territories.

You may also see holiday increases applied to SOME Priority Mail shipments in the lower 48 states, depending on whether below-Commercial Pricing rates are currently offered in the weight & zone combination your package falls into.

No other services are changing

No international services are increasing in price, and all other USPS services are staying the same.

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