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Pirate Ship now offers Priority Mail rates BELOW Commercial Pricing!
Pirate Ship now offers Priority Mail rates BELOW Commercial Pricing!

Now you can save even more with Priority Mail at deeper discounts than the published Commercial Pricing rates

Updated over a week ago

USPS just launched new discounts for Priority Mail packages on Pirate Ship that are even cheaper than Commercial Pricing rates.

We wouldn't be pirates if we didn't share this plunder ☠️ which means you'll save even more on Pirate Ship by shipping with Priority Mail.

Save up to $1.02 more on Priority Mail shipments

Discounts vary depending on the zone you're shipping to, but with these new rates you can save up to $1.02 more than you would with regular Commercial Pricing rates. That's up to 9% in additional discounts, which adds up fast!

Here's an example of how much more you can save:

If you're shipping a 2-pound box with Priority Mail from Los Angeles, CA to Austin, TX (Zone 6), with regular Commercial Pricing rates that package would cost you $10.96. Considering you'd pay $12.65 at Retail Pricing to send the same package at the Post Office, that's pretty good!

But with Pirate Ship's new Priority Mail discounts, that package will now cost you only $9.94 to ship it. That's a full $1.02 cheaper 🤯

We hope these savings go straight into your pocket, where your treasure belongs!

The new discounts only apply to Priority Mail services

These new BELOW Commercial Pricing rates apply to most zones* for Priority Mail Weight-Based and Priority Mail Cubic, and all zones for Flat Rate and Regional Rate.

With a 1-3 day delivery speed and $100 of included insurance, if you're looking to save the most money on your shipments while getting your packages there quickly, now is the best time to give Priority Mail a try 👍

*Below Commercial Pricing rates don't apply to all shipments going to/from Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, or military APO/FPO addresses.

How can I see these rates?

These new rates are so good, USPS won't let us advertise them 🙈 So if you want to see these below Commercial Pricing rates, simply log into your Pirate Ship account and use the Quick Rate quote to see how much you'll save on your shipment.

Here's the rate cells you'll see extra discounts in:

Let us know what you think!

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