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How to ship food without insurance
How to ship food without insurance
Limitations & best practices for sending food with either USPS® or UPS® when shipping insurance won't cover your shipment
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If you're shipping food, there are a few key points you should keep in mind before you buy labels. We've laid out those tips below:

Use a brand new cardboard box with leakproof packaging

First, it's best practice to use a brand new corrugated cardboard box whenever you plan to send food or perishables. In this case, we don't recommend re-using packaging, since old packaging may not be as sturdy as it once was.

We also recommend lining the inside of your box with absorbent packing material, such as cloths, hand towels, or plastic wrap that you also wrap around your pre-packaged food contents.

Gel packs are great packing material for sending temperature-sensitive food

When shipping temperature-sensitive food, placing frozen gel packs inside your box is a great way to keep your contents cool and fresh during transit. On top of keeping your perishable items from spoiling, they also serve a dual purpose by filling out empty space inside your box, which keeps your items from moving around too much 👍

You can get gel packs on either Amazon or ULINE.

We recommend using the fastest service possible

Since food and perishables spoil quickly, we recommend shipping with the fastest service possible. For USPS, that service is Priority Mail Express®. For UPS, the fastest available service is UPS Next Day Air®.

Both of these services feature overnight delivery (though Priority Mail Express may take 2 days if you're shipping to a rural destination or if you don't hand your package off to USPS in time). Keep in mind that both services on the more expensive side for USPS and UPS, but paying for expedited delivery is the best way to ensure your food and perishable shipments don't spoil before they reach your customers 😉

Perishables are not covered with shipping insurance

Unfortunately, food and perishables aren't covered by shipping insurance! This includes both the insurance you can purchase through Pirate Ship, as well as the $100 of built-in USPS Priority Mail and UPS insurance you get when buying labels on our platform.

Most shipping insurance terms and conditions explicitly list food, perishables, and plants as items excluded from coverage 😅 No shipping insurance covers perishable items because companies don't want to be held liable if food contents spoil due to longer-than-anticipated delivery times. Sometimes delays are inevitable...and the published delivery timeframes from USPS and UPS are all estimates, not guarantees.

So, purchasing additional shipping insurance when sending food and perishables isn't necessary, since any claim filed for spoiled food will be denied, anyway 🙈

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