This year Simple Export Rate is getting cheaper AND better with more countries getting full tracking. This is made possible by a simple new process we have for all countries except Canada (which stays the same):

  1. Creating an international shipment stays the same, it's just that now instead of an international label you'll get a domestic label with our export sorting center's address on it. Use that label to ship your package to the sorting center πŸ‘

  2. When the sorting center receives the package, it's relabeled with your recipient's full name & address and all the customs information you entered in Pirate Ship.

  3. Your package is then sped on its way to your international recipient 😎

This new process should be a seamless transition for you and your recipients... and it allows us to keep Simple Export Rate the cheapest international shipping option available πŸ’Έ

NEW: Full door-to-door tracking to 55 major countries!

This new process unlocks tracking options that weren't possible before, so we can now offer full tracking scans for twice as many countries 🍾 Here's the list of countries that Simple Export Rate now offers full tracking to.

Otherwise, the new service is just like the old service:

  • The delivery speed should be the same as you're used to, if not a little faster πŸš€

  • For countries without full tracking, the updates will stop when it crosses the border, since some countries just don't have as good of a Postal Service.

  • If your recipient lives in a country that charges its citizens custom duties or taxes for imports, nothing will change from how that's always been; they'll still have to pay their government themselves.

  • Insurance will still work just the same as you're used to, and we definitely still recommend adding it just in case πŸ˜‰

Tracking isn't always through anymore

For shipments to countries besides Canada, when you click the tracking link in Pirate Ship (or if your recipient clicks the link in their tracking email) it will show both the domestic and the international tracking updates under the same tracking number that starts with AHOY.

If you use your eCommerce platform's tracking emails instead of Pirate Ship's tracking emails, those emails should automatically link to our tracking page... but this may not work as expected if you've customized your eCommerce platform's email templates. Let us know if anything is funky and we'll figure it out together!

To track your package, just click the tracking link in Pirate Ship, or type in your AHOY tracking number into the Asendia USA tracking portal here: πŸ’ͺ

Note: When you're selecting the shipping carrier in your eCommerce platform, you will need to select Asendia USA as the carrier, not USPS! This way, the proper tracking updates get pushed through as Asendia updates the status of your shipment.

We'd greatly appreciate any feedback you have on all this, and of course we're happy to answer any questions πŸ˜ƒ Just hit the blue chat button on the bottom right of your screen!

Etsy users: We know! Don't worry 😜

Simple Export Rate is made possible by partnerships with multiple carriers who are just as committed as Pirate Ship is to making international shipping affordable. One of these carriers is Asendia, a subsidiary of Swiss Post.

We've tested Asendia's service thoroughly, worked with them to make some improvements, and have found it to be just as reliable as shipping internationally with USPS... plus a lot better, with twice as many countries with full tracking.

When Etsy introduced Asendia as a shipping option on their platform last year, it's fair to say that things didn't go very smoothly. Here's why it'll be different on Pirate Ship:

  • You can still buy USPS First Class Package International, if you want to. We're not removing or replacing that option... just pick it from the Service dropdown when you're creating your label, if you really want to pay more for less πŸ˜‰

  • We're offering Asendia's Fully Tracked option, to ensure you get tracking updates every step of the way for the supermajority of your shipments.

  • We've worked with Asendia to iron out a bunch of kinks in their tracking system.

  • Etsy got really unlucky with timing because they launched their service at the beginning of the global pandemic, which disrupted every international carrier equally (including USPS) and made Asendia look really bad πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ While the pandemic definitely continues to delay shipments for every carrier, it's gotten a lot better.

  • Finally and most importantly, if something ever does go wrong with one of your shipments, our customer support team will always be here to help πŸ‘

So here's our ask: Give it a chance, and rest assured that if we ever see repeat problems that Asendia doesn't (or can't) fix, we'll make them walk the plank 😜

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