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Will COVID-19 impact the shipping speed of my package?
Will COVID-19 impact the shipping speed of my package?

Service disruptions caused by the global pandemic

Updated over a week ago

USPS sometimes saw delays due to COVID-19. The pandemic caused a dramatic increase in shipping volumes, while limited transportation options and less overtime for USPS workers contributed to a bit of backlog.

Due to many USPS facilities being overwhelmed with packages, shipments may be routed to a different facility farther away from the origin or destination addresses. While USPS does this to ensure packages aren't held up in their system, it may result in longer delivery timeframes.

To account for these delays, USPS has changed its service commitments until further notice. We've listed their updated service commitments below.

Domestic Services

  • USPS Ground Advantage has a delivery timeframe of 2-5 business days

  • Priority Mail services (Cubic, Weight-based, Flat Rate, and Regional Rate) will take about 4-5 days, if not longer, to be delivered

  • Priority Mail shipments sent within Zone 1 (local) are still expected to keep their normal delivery speeds

  • Priority Mail Express continues to offer a delivery guarantee of 1-2 business days, or your money back

International Services

Some of the larger service commitment impacts are occurring with international USPS shipping services, including Priority Mail Express International. Limited air transportation has resulted in most shipments being transported by boat, which can extend your shipment's expected delivery by up to several weeks.

For the best information on how the pandemic may affect your shipment, visit the USPS International Service Alerts page to locate any specific country's current shipping conditions.

Note that some countries still aren't accepting USPS shipments whatsoever. You can review the complete list here. Pirate Ship will prevent you from purchasing labels to any of these countries until they lift their individual service suspensions.

If USPS returns an international shipment to you due to COVID-19 conditions, contact our Support Team for a refund!

What can I do about a shipment that's running extremely late?

Since the pandemic is affecting shipping services globally for all mail carriers, there isn't a way to speed up the delivery of your USPS shipments 😢

If your package is delayed and hasn't received any tracking updates in some time, you can submit a missing mail search with USPS. If you shipped via a Priority Mail service or purchased third-party insurance, you can also file an insurance claim.

If you plan on shipping something perishable or need to ensure timely delivery, domestic Priority Mail Express services still offer a 1-2 day delivery guarantee or your money back 👍

What about UPS shipments?

Since UPS® uses its own networks and doesn't partner with other countries' postal systems to carry out delivery, COVID-19 hasn't impacted their international shipping speeds at all!

UPS offers highly reliable service if you need to get packages to your international recipients in a timely manner, and with Pirate Ship, you get access to pre-negotiated UPS rates that can save you tons of booty 🎉

Have any questions? Chat with us and let us know!

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