Apple's AirPrint

Learn how to print from your Apple device to an AirPrint-enabled printer

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Apple users have the ability to wirelessly print from their iPhones, iPads, and iPod touches with select printers. We've listed the steps for you to follow below.

Step 1: Download the label

You can either select the blue "Download PDF" text, or the green "Download Label" button:

Step 2: Share the label

Tap the "Share" icon at the bottom of the screen:

A screenshot showing a label as it appears on Safari after you click download the label. Towards the bottom center of the screen, a red arrow points at the 'Share' icon that appears within the Safari browser.

Step 3: Select Print from the next menu

The "Print" option is located towards the bottom of the pop-up menu:

A screenshot showing a menu of options that appear after the 'Share' icon is clicked in Safari. The options that appear are 'Copy,' 'Add to Reading List,' 'Add Bookmark,' 'Add to Favorites,' 'Find on Page,' 'Add to Home Screen,' 'Save to Files,' 'Markup,' 'Print,' and 'Edit Actions.' The option for 'Print' is highlighted.

Step 4: Choose your printer and select "Print"

Tap the blue "Print" text to send the label to your printer of choice:

A screenshot showing the printer dialog that appears after clicking the 'Print' option on the previous menu. A red arrow points at 'Print' in the top right corner. Below, next to Printer, the name of the printer is shown. Below that, there's an option to change the number of copies produced, 'Options,' and a preview of the label.

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For more information, check out Apple's AirPrint guide.

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