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Mac: How to print shipping labels with a Rollo Printer
Mac: How to print shipping labels with a Rollo Printer

Installing a Rollo Printer and printing 4x6" shipping labels on Apple macOS

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In this walkthrough we will:

  1. Download and install the Rollo driver

  2. Add the Rollo to your Printers in System Preferences

  3. Print a test label

  4. Calibrate (if needed)

  5. Print your Pirate Ship shipping label

Download and install the Rollo Driver

First, download the Rollo Driver for Macs.

Follow the steps provided by Rollo.

Then, plug in your Rollo printer to the power source and connect it to your computer with the included USB cable.


Add the Rollo to the Printers in System Preferences

Click on System Preferences under the Apple Menu in the top left corner of your screen.

A screenshot showing the Apple Menu which appears at the top left corner of your screen. When this is clicked, a drop down menu appears. The option for 'System Preferences...' is highlighted.

Then, click the Printers & Scanners icon.

A screenshot showing System Preferences. You will need to click the option for 'Printers and Scanners.'

Next, click the + button under the Printers window. From the drop-down, click Add Printer or Scanner...

On the bottom left corner of the Printers and Scanners window, there's a plus sign. Click this to add a printer.

The Rollo will display as Printer Thermal Printer. Select it from the list.

A screenshot showing the menu that appears after clicking the plus sign. If your ROLLO printer is connected your computer, an option for 'Printer Thermal Printer' should appear.

If desired, rename the printer in the Name field.

Then, in the Use drop-down, click Select Software.

A screenshot showing the Add Printer options. When you click 'Printer Thermal Printer,' you can rename it to 'Rollo' in the Name field below. Towards the bottom of the window next to 'Use,' you'll click the drop down menu and choose 'Select Software...'

Locate and select Rollo Printer and click OK.

A screenshot showing the list of printer software that appears after clicking 'Select Software.' You will need to scroll down this list and select 'Rollo Printer.'


Print a test label

Don't use the test label that Rollo provides, because it's a fake label that doesn't represent what a real label will look like. Instead, use the test labels Pirate Ship provides here.

Open the test label and Print the label using the settings configured as shown below (paper size will be 100mm x 150mm).

A screenshot showing the Print setting that appear when you attempt to print a test label.

Once done, your Rollo is ready to print!


You may need to calibrate your new Rollo if your test label doesn't print correctly. Just load your labels into the Rollo printer, then click & hold the blue button on top until it beeps.

This will calibrate your label size. You can then print your test label again.

Follow these same steps for other brands

There are several other brands that make 4x6" label printers similar to the Rollo. Following these same steps will work to set these printers up with your Mac operating system. If you have a question about a specific printer other than Rollo, chat in our with Support Crew and we'll help you get sailing 😃

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