If your label didn't print right, don't worry... just try again! You're only charged when you clicked the BUY button in Pirate Ship, so if your label didn't print out right, you probably just need to change a setting. You won't be charged again if you need to print it again!

Follow these steps to print successfully:

When you buy a label with Pirate Ship, it's created as a PDF file that you should be able to print from your computer (or phone or tablet) just like any other file. However, you may need to adjust some of your printer settings to get an ideal print. 

When you click the PRINT LABEL button in Pirate Ship, at the top of the screen you'll notice a selection for the label format. There are several options for regular desktop printers that print on letter-size 8.5x11" paper, and also options for 4x6" label printers or 2x7" label printers.

  • 2x7" Label Printers: If you didn't have the 2x7" label size selected in Pirate Ship's Settings / General Settings before you bought the label, you will need to do that and then re-purchase the label in that size. Here's some instructions on how to set up your 2x7" label printer.
  • 4x6" Label Printers: Select the 4x6" option in Pirate Ship... then, in your computer's printer settings, make sure to select the 4x6" paper size option there as well, along with a "Fit to Page" or "100% Scale" to ensure the margins are correct.
  • Desktop Printers: If you're using a desktop printer, select either of the 8.5x11" options.

Remember: You need to select the correct paper size in both Pirate Ship AND your computer's printer settings dialog box.

  • If you're using a 2x7" label printer and do not see any "99019" or "2.4" options in your computer's Paper Size dropdown, then your printer may not have been installed correctly. If you're using a Mac, follow these Apple instructions. If you're using a PC, follow these Windows instructions.
  • If you're using a 4x6" label printer and you do not see any "4 in x 6 in"  or "100mm x 150mm" options in your computer's Paper Size dropdown, then your printer may not have been installed correctly. Make sure you followed the manual that came with your printer, and have installed the correct printer drivers.
  • If you're printing on a regular 8.5x11" desktop printer, you will need to select that paper size (also called "Letter" or "US Letter").

Pirate Ship does not directly connect to your printer, so any print issues you're having are a problem with your computer's settings. We're always happy to try to help troubleshoot these issues, but it's not something we can fix on our side 😉 Your best bet is to tinker with your computer's printer settings until you get it right, or do some research for your specific printer online. 

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