Why won't my Shopify order show up in Pirate Ship?

There's a few reasons a Shopify order might not show up in Pirate Ship:

  1. Do you have filters applied to your grid? Click "Clear All Filters" to make sure you haven't filtered out new orders.
  2. Is the order status "Unfulfilled" in Shopify? Pirate Ship will only import Unfulfilled orders that you haven't created a shipping label for yet. Learn more here.
  3. Is the Financial Status of the order one that you've configured Pirate Ship to display? By default, Pirate Ship will only display Shopify orders with the Financial Status "Paid", but you can configure it to display other Financial Statuses like Partially Refunded in Settings > Integrations. Learn more here.
  4. Do you have Multiple Fulfillment Locations? This can happen when you've setup multiple Sales Channels in Shopify, or if you have multiple stores that you ship from. The "Fulfillment Location" setting in Settings > Integrations tells Pirate Ship which location in Shopify to look for your orders. Learn more here.
  5. In your product settings in Shopify, is your "Fulfillment Service" set to "Manual," or are your products set to a third-party fulfillment option (for example, Amazon)? Pirate Ship can only import orders with products that are set to the Manual fulfillment service. Learn more here.

If any of these reasons is preventing you from creating a label, but you want to do it anyway, you can always create a label manually using Pirate Ship's Single Label form. 

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