It only takes a minute to connect 🍋 to ☠️ and start shipping your orders. When you import a LemonStand order and buy a label for it, it will automatically be marked as Shipped in LemonStand with the tracking number attached. 

Here's how to get started:

Step 1: Generate an API Key in LemonStand

On the bottom left your LemonStand dashboard, click Integrations > API Key, then click the + button on the top right:

It'll ask you to give your API key a name... You can call it Pirate Ship, or whatever you'd like, and then click Save:

LemonStand will generate an API Token. Leave this browser window open, you'll need this in the next step.

Step 2: Connect LemonStand to Pirate Ship

In another browser window, open Pirate Ship and go to Settings > Integrations > Connect New Source > LemonStand.

Enter your LemonStand URL, which is your website's address.

Copy/paste the API Token from LemonStand into Pirate Ship:

Step 3: You're ready to ship!

Once LemonStand is connected, just go to Ship > Import from LemonStand to see all your unshipped orders. You can choose which order data to show/hide, filter & sort by any column, and select groups of identical orders to ship.

Customizable Settings

There's a few settings you can change in Pirate Ship's Settings > Integrations > LemonStand:

  • Order Statuses: You can select which Order Statuses you want Pirate Ship to Import. Usually, most businesses only want to buy shipping labels for Paid orders. Note: Order status names are customizable in LemonStand, but Pirate Ship requires the default statuses of Shipped, Canceled, and Paid.
  • Enable Pirate Ship's Tracking Emails: We recommend using Pirate Ship's email system instead of LemonStand's email system if you'd like to be able to schedule the date & time that your tracking emails are sent, instead of them being sent immediately. If you enable Pirate Ship's emails, you will need to disable LemonStand's "shop:order-status-change-external-shipped" email in your LemonStand Dashboard under Administration > Email Templates.
  • Enable Automatic Refresh: If you have thousands of unshipped orders in your LemonStand store, you may want to turn off the automatic refresh so it doesn't slow you down.

Troubleshooting LemonStand issues

I'm getting a 400 Bad Request error:

You'll get this error if you use custom statuses or custom status transitions in LemonStand. Please use the chat on the bottom right to explain your situation; we can help you fix your statuses, or if you have a special case we may be able to build a solution for you 😃

More about Order Statuses and Order Status Transitions:

Pirate Ship requires the default statuses of Shipped, Canceled, and Paid, and the default status transitions of Paid to Shipped, Shipped to Canceled, and Canceled to Paid.

When you import a Paid order into Pirate Ship and buy a shipping label for it, the order's status will be changed to Shipped in LemonStand and the tracking number will be attached.

If you request a refund for that label, the order status will first be changed to Canceled and then immediately be changed to Paid, (because LemonStand doesn't let an order be changed from Shipped to Paid) and the order will show up in Pirate Ship's Import page again.

I refunded a label and then bought another one... There are now multiple tracking numbers in my Order in LemonStand:

When you request a refund for a label, Pirate Ship will mark the order as Paid (unshipped) in LemonStand, so that you can buy another label for it. However, Pirate Ship cannot currently remove the tracking number for that label from the order in LemonStand, so if you buy another label, both tracking numbers will be shown in the order's details in LemonStand.

Have any questions? Chat with us, we're here to help! 👍

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